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DZ-BD10HA Instruction Manual
DZ-BD10HA_USe0100_Cover_Print. fm Page 1 Monday, August 4, 2008 3:43 PM
Instruction Manual
Battery Pack
HITACHI Camcorder PC Software Support Center
URL http://dvdcam-pc. support. hitachi. ca/
Support Center phone numbers for software provided:
Let’s Get Started
Recording — Viewing
+1-800-458-4029 (Toll-free)
URL:http://www. pixela. co. jp/oem/hitachi/e/index. html
Various Record

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Important Information For Your Safety The power switch turns the camcorder on and off, leaving the date/time feature unaffected. If the camcorder is to be left unattended for a long period of time, turn it off. The DVD video camera/recorder and AC adapter/charger have the following caution marks. WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. WARNING: DANGER OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS INCORRECTLY REPLACED. REPLACE ONLY WITH THE SAME OR EQUIVALENT TYPE.
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Warning: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against ha
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS In addition to the careful attention devoted to quality standards in the manufacture of your camcorder, safety is a major factor in the design of every instrument. But, safety is your responsibility too. This page lists important information that will help to assure your enjoyment and proper use of the camcorder and accessory equipment. 1 Read these instructions. 2 Store these instructions for convenient accessibility. 3 Heed all warnings. 4 Observe all instructi
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Table of Contents Information display during recording........... 31 Important Information............................ 2 Efficient use of the battery pack................... 33 For Your Safety...................................... 2 Precautions.............................................. 2 Viewing 34 IMPORTANT SAFETY Playing Recorded Movies/Stills......................... 34 INSTRUCTIONS............................... 4 Choosing and playing back multiple Introduction 7 scenes..........
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Turning Off the Recording Indicator Beneath Unfinalizing a Disc............................................ 78 the Lens........................................................ 53 Connecting to your PC 79 Changing the Movie Quality............................. 54 Recording Stills Optimum for Widescreen TV Software installation..................................... 80 (Wide Mode)................................................ 54 Before importing scenes from Using the Self-Timer..............
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Introduction Introduction This camcorder makes all of the following possible! Record movies and stills with this one device! Press to solve Stills Movies Various media your questions. HDD GUIDE BD DVD Interactive Guide - Mode switch Set the switch as shown. SDHC You can easily figure Insert a BD. card out “what” can be recorded “to which medium”. SD card Screen will disappear if switch is moved. RETURN GUIDE EXIT After recording View on large screen by hooking up the camcorder to a TV! HDM
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Introduction Choosing a disc to suit your purpose Recording/Dubbing HD (High Definition) image quality Image resolution: about six times higher than the SD (Standard Definition) image quality Recording to the HDD/Card Recording to Blu-ray Disc (BD) Do you want to delete or edit images using this camcorder? YES NO Re-recordable Re-recordable One-time recording HDD/Card BD-RE BD-R • HD recording over extended • One hour length 1920 × 1080 Full periods is possible. High Definition movie can be
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Introduction Recording/Dubbing SD (Standard Definition) image quality Do you want to delete/edit images Do you want to play the disc using this camcorder? on a DVD player/recorder? Do you want to reuse the disc? YES NO Re-recordable One-time Re-recordable recording DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-RAM DVD-R (VR mode) (VF mode) Playable on devices that are Playable on most other DVD compatible with 8 cm DVD-RAM players/recorders once they are or 8 cm DVD-RW (VR mode) finalized after recording. accordingly. *
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Introduction How to Read this Instruction Manual About media descriptions The camcorder functions available vary depending on the media (HDD/BD/ DVD/Card) used. Refer to the icon headings shown below to determine whether the function explained complies with the media in use. HDD BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R CARD Collective Icon Media term HDD Built-in hard disk drive (HDD) BD-RE (Rewritable Blu-ray Disc) BD BD-R (Non-rewritable Blu-ray Disc) DVD-RAM DVD-RW (VR mode) DVD DVD-RW (VF (Video
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Introduction Before Using the Product - Be sure to read this information - Conduct test recording. � Before recording important shots, always conduct test recording to confirm that images are normally recorded. Recording surface � Single-sided disc: unlabeled side. � Double-sided disc: both sides. Single-sided disc Double-sided disc Labeled side Recording side Recording side Recording side How to hold a disc For correct recording � Do not touch the recording surface of a disc. � Check that a di
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Introduction Using BD/DVD with other equipment � We cannot guarantee that playback is possible on all types of recorders/players. � When a BD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R recorded with this camcorder is used on another device, always finalize the disc (p. 77) using the camcorder in advance. Hitachi will not compensate for recorded images. � The scene will be lost, if the AC adapter/charger or battery pack is detached from the camcorder during recording or editing. Be sure to turn the power switch to “OFF” f
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Introduction Checking Provided Accessories Make sure the following accessories are included in the package. Battery pack (DZ-BP14S) AC adapter/charger DC power cord Portable power supply for your (DZ-ACS2) To power the camcorder from new Hitachi Camcorder. Be Use to power the camcorder an AC outlet, use this cord to sure to fully charge the battery from an AC power outlet, and connect the AC adapter/ before use. to charge the battery. charger to the camcorder. Remote control Lithium battery (C
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Introduction PHOTO Names of Parts Power switch side MENU SELECT ACCESS HDD BD/DVD CARD SD ON MODE OFF DISC EJECT Face Detection button (p. 50) MENU button (p. 20) BATT (battery eject) switch SELECT button (p. 35) (p. 26) Joystick (p. 34, 38) Battery platform (p. 18) C (stop/cancel) button (p. 41) A/V OUT terminal (p. 74) (Disc Navigation) button Cooling fan inlet (p. 34) A ventilation fan operates to reduce DUBBING button (p. 58) heat buildup during the camcorder SD CARD indicator (p. 29) use. Do not
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Introduction LCD monitor side (when the LCD monitor is opened 90°), bottom, and lens side DISPLAY button (p. 31, 37) GUIDE button (p. 7) This button can help you choose a disc, connect the camcorder to your TV, and so on. The sections in the Instruction Manual for which this FULL GUIDE BLC AUTO button can be used are indicated by a LCD pop-up icon like the one below. DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS Use the GUIDE button for help! FULL AUTO button (p. 52) BLC button (p. 47) LCD BRIGHTNESS button (p. 17) Botto
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Introduction Remote control PHOTO button (p. 29) REC PHOTO DISPLAY REC button (p. 27, 28, 29) MENU button (p. 20) DIGITAL ZOOM MENU ZOOM SELECT button (p. 35) SELECT d (reverse search) button (p. 34, 38) DELETE button (p. 66) DISC NAVIGATION button (p. 34) * Provides the same functionality with. DELETE DISPLAY button (p. 31, 37) DISC NAVIGATION ZOOM T button (p. 44) DIGITAL ZOOM button (p. 44) ZOOM W button (p. 44) f (reverse skip) button (p. 34, 38) c (forward search) button (p. 34, 38) Confirmation button
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Introduction How to Open and Use the LCD Monitor LCD BRIGHTNESS You can use the LCD monitor as follows. How to change the LCD brightness You can adjust the brightness of the LCD monitor when it is too dark or too bright to see the image on display. The brightness changes every time you select LCD BRIGHTNESS. There are three settings available. At time of purchase of this camcorder, the brightness is set to the brightest. The “LCD Brightness” setting is retained in memory even when the power i
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Let’s Get Started Let’s Get Started Preparing Setting up the battery pack Connect the power cable to the AC adapter/charger. Plug in the power cable to a wall outlet. Attach the battery pack to the AC adapter/charger. Attach the battery pack to the camcorder. CHARGE indicator If the CHARGE indicator does not light, check that the connections (,, ) Note are firmly connected. Charging will not occur if the DC power cord is connected. Terminal at bottom Charge status of the battery pack The
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Let’s Get Started PHOTO Turning on the power MENU SELECT ACCESS SD CARD ON MODE OFF 2 1 DISC EJECT 1 Turn on the power. Press and hold the lock button, and turn the power switch to “ON”. 2 Open the LCD monitor. 19
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Let’s Get Started Setting the date and time MENU MENU Press MENU. SELECT Open the LCD Select “Date Setup”, then monitor (p. 17). “Date Set” using the joystick. (For instructions on how to use the joystick, see p. 34. ) The confirmation button (press firmly) Date Set Set the month, date, year, hour, minute, and AM/PM using the joystick, 10 / 1 / 2008 10: 00 AM and then press the confirmation button. The set time and date appear in the CHANGE MOV E ENTER RETURN LCD monitor. ChanginDarmowe pobieranie PDF Instrukcja Użytkownika dla Hitachi DZ-BD10HA DVR


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