Instrukcja budowy Aeg L 60260 Tl1

Instrukcja budowy Aeg L 60260 Tl1 to techniczne opracowanie umożliwiające samodzielne składanie i montaż urządzenia. Zawiera wszystkie niezbędne informacje dotyczące zestawu części i materiałów, które są wymagane do złożenia urządzenia oraz jego montażu. Instrukcja opisuje również wszystkie kroki montażu i jakie narzędzia i materiały są wymagane do zakończenia procesu. Instrukcja budowy Aeg L 60260 Tl1 jest doskonałym narzędziem do samodzielnego składania i montażu skomplikowanych urządzeń, ponieważ gwarantuje, że wszystkie części i materiały są odpowiednio dobrane, a proces montażu jest wykonany zgodnie z wytycznymi producenta.

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L 60260 TL
L 60060 TL

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ENGLISH 3 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler – features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it. ACCESSORIES AND CONSUMABLES In the AEG webshop, you’ll find everything you need to keep all your AEG appliances looking spotless and working perfectly. Along with a wide range of acce
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4 www. com SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use, read this sharp material can cause damage to manual carefully: the appliance. • For your safety and the safety of your • Do not touch the glass of the door property while a programme operates. The glass can be hot (only for front-loading appli- • To help the environment ances). • For the correct operation of the appli- ance. Always keep these instructions with the CARE AND CLEANING appliance also if you move or give it to a • De
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ENGLISH 5 • Make sure not to cause damage to the water hoses. • Do not connect the appliance to new pipes or pipes not used for a long time. Let the water flow for some minutes, then connect the inlet hose. • The first time you use the appliance, make sure that the water hoses and the couplings do not have leakages. Electrical connection • Make sure that the appliance is earth- ed. • Make sure that the electrical informa- tion on the rating plate agrees with the power supply. • Always use a corr
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6 www. com PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1 2 7 8 9 3 10 11 4 5 6 12 Control panel Rating plate 1 7 Lid Mains cable 2 8 Lid handle Water inlet valve 3 9 Filter access door Water drain hose 4 10 Lever to move the appliance Transit bolts 5 11 Adjustable feet Feet for the appliance level 6 12 ACCESSORIES Plastic cap 1 1 2 3 To close the hole on the rear side of the cabinet, after the removal of the transit bolt. Plastic hose guide 2 To connect the drain hose on the edge of a sink. Anti-flood inlet hose 3 T
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ENGLISH 7 CONTROL PANEL 1 2 3 9 8 7 6 5 4 On/Off button 1 6 Time saving button Programme knob 2 7 Extra rinse button Display 3 8 4 Spin button Start/Pause button 9 5 Temperature button Delay start button – 1 Press button to activate the appli- 1 ON OFF BUTTON ance again. Press this button to activate or deactivate – Set again the washing programme the appliance. A tune sounds when the and all possible options. appliance is activated. • After 5 minutes from the end of the The AUTO Stand-b
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8 www. com The display shows: A • The programme time When the programme starts, the time decreases with steps of 1 minute. • The delay start When you press the delay start button, the display shows the delay start time. •Alarm codes If the appliance has a malfunction, the display shows alarm codes. Refer to 'Troubleshooting' chapter. •Err The display shows this message for some seconds if: – You set a function that is not applicable for the programme. – You change the programme while it opera
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ENGLISH 9 9 TEMPERATURE BUTTON 9 Press button to change the default temperature. CHILD LOCK FUNCTION This function prevents children to play with the control panel. • To activate the function, press button 6 and button 7 at the same time un- til the display shows the symbol. • To deactivate the function, press but- 6 7 ton and button at the same time until the symbol goes off. You can activate the function: • Before you press the Start/Pause but- ton 4: the appliance cannot start. • Afte
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10 www. com WASHING PROGRAMMES Programme Type of load Cycle Functions Temperature max. weight of load description White and coloured Wash SPIN REDUCTION cotton with normal Rinses RINSE HOLD Cottons soil. Long spin EXTRA RINSE 95° - Cold max. 6 kg 1) TIME SAVE White and coloured Prewash SPIN REDUCTION cotton with heavy soil. Wash RINSE HOLD Cottons + Pre- max. 6 kg Rinses EXTRA RINSE wash 1) Long spin TIME SAVE 95° - Cold White and coloured Wash SPIN REDUCTION cotton with heavy soil. Rinse
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ENGLISH 11 Programme Type of load Cycle Functions Temperature max. weight of load description Set this programme Prewash SPIN REDUCTION to wash curtains. It Wash RINSE HOLD Curtains adds automatically Rinses EXTRA RINSE 40° - Cold the prewash phase to Short spin clean the dust from the curtains. Do not put the deter- gent into the prewash compartment. max. 2, 5 kg All items in jeans. Jer- Wash SPIN REDUCTION sey made items with Rinses RINSE HOLD Jeans hi-tech materials. Short spin EXTRA RINSE 60°
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12 www. com 1) Energy consump- Water consump- Programme 2) 2) tion (KWh) tion (litre) Spin 0. 05 / Drain 0. 01 / Rinse 0. 10 35 Curtains 40°C 0. 60 60 Jeans 60°C 0. 90 55 20 min. 3 kg 30°C 0. 35 50 Economy 90°C 1. 80 55 Programmes for energy saving 3) 1. 02 52 Economy 60°C 3) 0. 70 55 Economy 40°C The cotton 60 °C economy and cotton 40 °C economy are the standard cotton programmes for normally soiled cotton laundry. They are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry and they are the most effici
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ENGLISH 13 LOADING THE LAUNDRY 2. Push the button A (depending on model). The drum opens automatical- ly. 3. Put the laundry. Make sure to not put too much laundry into the drum. 4. Close the drum and the lid of your washing machine. Before you close the lid of your A appliance, make sure that you close the drum correctly. 1. Open the lid of the appliance. FILLING THE DETERGENT AND ADDITIVES The detergent compartment for the prewash phase. The detergent compartment for the washing phase. Liquid
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14 www. com SETTING AND STARTING A PROGRAMME 1. Turn the programme knob. When the countdown is completed, the programme starts automatically. 2. The indicator of button 4 flashes with red colour. Before you press button 4 to 3. The indicators of the default tempera- start the appliance, you can cancel ture and spin speed come on. To or change the set of the delay change the temperature and/or the start. spin speed, press the related buttons. You cannot set the delay start with the Steam progr
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ENGLISH 15 AT THE END OF PROGRAMME • The appliance stops automatically. • Close the water tap. The washing programme is completed, • The acoustic signals operate. but the 'Rinse Hold' function is on: • In the display comes on. – The drum turns regularly to prevent the • The indicator of the Start/Pause button creases in the laundry. 4 goes off. – The door stays locked. • You can open the lid 2 minutes after – You must drain the water to open the the appliance stops. The door lock sym- door. bol
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16 www. com • Do not mix different types of deter- • If necessary, use a stain remover when gents. you set a programme with a low tem- perature. • To help the environment, do not use more than the correct quantity of deter- • To use the correct quantity of the de- gent. tergent, check the water hardness of your domestic system • Obey the instructions that you find on the on packaging of these products. WATER HARDNESS • Use the correct products for the type and colour of the fabric, the pro- I
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ENGLISH 17 CARE AND CLEANING WARNING! CAUTION! Do not use alcohol, solvents or chemical products. Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply before you clean it. MAINTENANCE WASH With the low temperature programmes it DESCALING is possible that some detergent stays in The water we use contains limescale. If it the drum. Make regularly a maintenance becomes necessary, use a water softener wash. To do this: to remove limescales. • Empty the laundry from the drum. Use a special product made for
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18 www. com 1. Open the drain filter door. Put a container below the recess of the drain filter to collect the water that flows out. Turn the filter until it is vertical. Turn the filter fully and remove it. Remove fluff and objects. 5. Clean the filter with water. 6. Put it back and screw it in. 7. Make sure that you tighten correctly the filter to prevent leakages. 8. Close the drain filter door. THE INLET HOSE FILTER AND THE VALVE FILTER WARNING! • Disconnect the mains plug from t
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ENGLISH 19 4. Remove the inlet hose behind the appliance. Clean the filter in the valve with a stiff brush or a towel. Install again the inlet hose. Make sure that the couplings are tight to pre- vent leakages. Open the water tap. 90˚ 5. Disconnect the appliance. EMERGENCY DRAIN WARNING! Because of a malfunction, the appliance Make sure that the temperature is cannot drain the water. more than 0 °C before you use the If this occurs, do steps (1) through (3) of appliance again. 'To clean
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20 www. com TROUBLESHOOTING The start of the appliance does not occur • - The appliance does not drain or it stops during operation. the water. First try to find a solution to the problem • - The appliance door is open or (refer to the table). If not, contact the serv- not closed correctly. ice centre. • - The anti-flood device is on. With some problems, the acoustic signals operate and the display shows WARNING! an alarm code: Deactivate the appliance before you do the checks. • - The ap

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